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SCCA 2020 - Roster Maintenance and Updates
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- by Exec Committee on Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Hi Teams,

It is time to update and maintain your rosters to get ready for the 2020 season. There are certain new steps and procedures being introduced to register SCCA Players at USA Cricket.

All SCCA Players must be registered at USA Cricket and there will a small charge for this. Unregistered or incomplete players would be considered as illegal players as per SCCA playing conditions. The process to pay and have the players registered for USA Cricket is being finalized and announced soon.

The team admins should be having the necessary access to login and maintain the rosters. Please remove any unwanted players from your rosters, so that Player registration to USA Cricket is easier and you can fast track things when the process is in place. 

If you need players to be transferred from other teams, please contact me ( Last year, we had a few teams requesting transfers and then the players denying that they agreed for the transfer. We want to avoid that scenario and for transfers we request that the player is copied in the request, so that we are sure that they want to transfer in.

Before the playing the first game, a player can be transferred without any follow-ups. However, once the player has played a game, there are certain restrictions in place. We need to check and approve the transfer. 

Also, please do not create duplicate profile to circumvent the rules. It is illegal and the relevant matches with illegal players could be penalized. If we notice any duplicate profiles, we will summarily delete such profiles, warn the Team doing it and report it to CoC for further actions.

Wish you all a successfull season!!

Thanks, Kenny

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