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Part 1/6 - Conversation w/President Mihir Gandhi - Part 1 of 6
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- by SCCA Executives on Saturday, May 1, 2021

Dear SCCA Club Leadership:

SUB: In Conversation with SCCA President Mihir Gandhi - Part 1 of 6

hope you are wrapping up a successful season.  When we transitioned to our new board structure, I indicated that I will follow up with a review to make sure we are on the right path.  

Part of the reason for that was to ensure we could and should make adjustments to accomplish our mission.  

Hence, I asked our President, Mihir Gandhi, to reflect on the past year, especially our new board structure.

I am grateful that Mihir took the time to provide answers to my questions.  

In addition to sharing his responses in this document (PDF attached) which is a part of a series, I have requested our Secretary, Kenny Thomas, to post Mihir’s responses in phases on the SCCA website as well.

It looks like we are on the right track.

Thank you.
Gangaram Singh


In Conversation with SCCA President, Mihir Gandhi

Part 1 of 6

GS: Mihir, Congrats on becoming the President of SCCA.  I know you are committed to SCCA, and more importantly the growth of the game and transparency with its administration.  Do you want to single out a few highlights of your new role?



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