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Opening and Outreach Day Report - a humorous take
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- by Exec Committee on Saturday, May 1, 2021

SCCA Opening and Community Outreach Day, 2019


March 31st, the weather was sunny and gorgeous, temperatures at the edges of record territory for spring. We Angelenos forgot about the recent rainy climes and flocked to Woodley Park in record numbers. The Park was bustling with families and cricketers of all kinds and sizes by 9:00 am.

That fresh smell of grass, the spotless wickets, the chirping birds and restless crowd waiting for the first games of the year at Woodley Park; things were humming along. Tony (Anthony Jones) the big Belizean had his way leading his dedicated team of volunteers and SCCA Executives in having things well planned out, organized and executed.

We had the two picturesque grounds (Severn and Wright) spruced up for action and the other two grounds ready for any overflows. Multiple tents were erected for various activities including Health Fair, Captain's Meeting, Food arrangement, Vendors, etc.

Volunteers started distributing cricket balls and scorebooks to the teams by 9:30. Most of the teams were on hand to collect them and ask questions about the season.

Events officially kicked off around 10:00 when Mihir Gandhi, SCCA President, addressed the crowd and welcomed everyone to the Opening and Community Outreach (OD) Day. Other SCCA Executives - Colin Cox (1st VP), Kamal Azeez (2nd VP) and Kenny Thomas (Secretary) were around to assist. Mihir thanked Tony and the OD volunteers for organizing the big event. He mentioned about the rough weather that we were having till 2 weeks back in contrast to the gorgeous day we had for the opening. Mihir stressed on - Play the game hard - play with passion but uphold the 'SPIRIT OF THE GAME at all times.

Games started on Severn with SCCA Youth facing SCCA Women. Probables for the SCCA Men's team were seen warming up on Wright.

Captains and Executives got distracted with all the activities and the Captain's meeting started around 10:45 in the big tent; while the Health Fair volunteers were hoping to get some of the beer-bellied captains and umpires would volunteer. I kept a low profile myself, avoiding their probing eyes.

Colin addressed the Captain's meeting followed by Sunny and Pravin, covering the various rules and changes for 2019. The new rules were debated and agreed to. Kenny provided an overview of the Schedules, Website and Roster updates; while Nazim addressed points related to rules from Cricket Committee perspective. Captains were soon educated and on their way, plotting to beat their opponents and leading their Divisions for prestige and bragging rights.

Meanwhile we were able to spot the modern "Pied Piper" with a cricket bat, marching his troops from Severn to Marder for their initiation rights to a cricket game. There were too many kids bustling for a game, more than we could manage at Severn. So Pradeep decided that it's better to make use of Marder and give the kids a chance to play.

On Wright field, SCCA Probables had a training session followed by a friendly game between SCCA A and SCCA B. SCCA A batting first scored 182, with Deepak top scoring with 66. Ashwani, Rudy and Mehul shared 2 wickets apiece for SCCA B. In return, SCCA B could only muster 178 despite Maharshi's 66 and Mehul's 44, with Clay taking 3 wickets.

On Severn, a few interesting and exciting games were being played out. SCCA Women pipped out SCCA Youth with just 2 balls to spare. Compton Youth and Woodley Tigers also had an interesting game between themselves.

The Health Fair Camp wound up around 3 pm. They reported that they had a good turnout for the various checks, including the SCCA President, who was checked and declared to be under stress and anxiety. He was recommended to take a few weeks off to recuperate in India. The multitude who declared themselves hale and hearty to celebrate in their own way were blessed fit and ready for action. The doctors, including Atul, also came handy when there was an on field injury for a women's fielder on Severn.

On the other end, the Caribbean calypso were in full play, lorded over by Denis Stuart, Ray Dee and a lot more of the regulars. In between his soft drinks and Domino games, Ray still had time to disrupt the DJ with his clarion call "Yes Indeed. Yes Indeed." for raffle drawings at regular intervals. Soon the crowd got the gist and thronged to the clubhouse as Ray made his calls. I guess he is auditioning for the role of the Pied Piper next year and Pradeep better watch out.

Amidst all these, there was a steady supply of food and drinks for the hungry and thirsty. No one had to go hungry over the variety of food available. We had hotdogs (and some cold), tandoori dishes, jerk chicken, pizza, halal food, vegetarian specialties, party assortments and more. Yours truly was too full and stuffed and has declared to be on a fast for a few days. Many thanks to the food stall volunteers for keeping us fed and hydrated. The stall was actively manned till 4:00.

Next to the food stall, the kids were seen enjoying in a world of their own. The party jumper was always busy and the place to go to interview an upcoming talent or two. I did try to sneak in thru the small entrance, but was summarily kicked out by the strong crowd inside. My sincere apologies in not filing a true inside view report. Those inside report that it was an exciting space to be in - good ambience and a ringside view of the actions on Severn ground and Nets, with music and food close by.

However great the party was, it still had to be shut down towards the end of the party. Lots of volunteers were around to help Tony and team close out the event. Thanks to all those who were around to pack, clean-up and secure the premises.

And still the Calypso party rolled on and on... and I may see them there, still partying at the ground when we start the League games on April 6th.


                                                                                                                                                        - by Kenny Lighthearted



Our thanks to: Anthony Jones & Committee Members, all Volunteers, LA City Parks,  and SCCA Officials.

Special mention for: Beulah and Women’s Team, Youths and Coaches, SCCA Probables, Loretta, Dawn, Ruth, Sonia & Moz, Carlos & Rodney, Ray Dee and DJ O’Neil.

Vendors:  Food – Indian Fusion Pizza, Riverside & Lala.  Equipment – UZZI Sports & Alavi Sports


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