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Pasadena Cricket Club was established in 1932, and is considered one of the oldest clubs in North America and Southern California. The club has  enjoyed a rich legacy of successes in the Southern California Cricket League, and has been represented by a number of local legends, including: Alan Rowland, Leo Magnus, Reginald Benjamin (Benjie), Frank Griffin, and Nadeem Yousef. In 2001, the Club absorbed Balboa Cricket Club, another outstanding Southern California Club. The combination of the two rosters necessitated the creation of a second playing eleven: Pasadena 2.

Pasadena is always interested in seeking new talent. If you are interested in playing cricket with us, please contact us.

"Champions believe in themselves, even if no one else does"

Div-4 League Champions 2011

Div-4 Play-offs Champions 2011

Div-3 League Champions 2014

Div-3 T20 Champions 2014


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