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SCCA 2019 - Special accommodation due to ICC World Cup 2019 games
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- by Exec Committee on Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Hi Teams,   Due to the ongoing ICC World Cup, there has been some requests from teams to reschedule/adjust the SCCA games so that players can watch the World Cup games.   SCCA acknowledges the importance of the World Cup and requests from Players. However, we have a very tight window of cricket time and schedule to maintain; which makes it impossible to reschedule any games due to the World Cup.   SCCA Executives discussed the issue in details and decided on the following framework to help players support their World Cup teams:   1. Games can have a delayed start; to start at 11:00 am PST instead of 10:00 am to play a reduced over game of 40 overs each.   2. Minimum overs for all games adjusted would be 40 overs each (unless other mitigating ground factors like rain or weather apply), across all divisions (Div 1 thru Div 4). Website would be updated and stats would be counted against 40 overs.   3. To have a reduced over game, both captains should discuss, agree and inform the SCCA Secretary (or reply to this email) of their decision by Wednesday 8 pm PST on the match week. For example, if any team wants to adjust the games on 6/16 weekend, they need to inform the Secretary by 8 pm on 6/12   4. Once informed by both Captains (both Captains should be copied in the email), Secretary would be in charge of updating the umpires and website.   5. There would not be any reduction in umpiring fees due to these adjustments.   6. If we do not receive any timely update on a given game, the SCCA games would be played as per original schedule.   7. Please clearly indicate the Date and Teams involved in the email for clarify.    8. Umpires will be given strict directions to start the game at 11:00 am and have a minimum of 40 overs played. Strict penalties will be applied as needed.   Thanks for everyone's support and all the best.   Thanks, Kenny SCCA Secretary    
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