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A Cricketer’s cricketer, James Reid (1926-2018), a titan of US cricket died this week aged 92.
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- by Exec Committee on Monday, October 1, 2018

A Cricketer’s cricketer, James Reid (1926-2018)
A titan of US cricket died this week aged 92. 

Captain of the winning 1967 US team that brought the Auty Cup back to America for the first time since 1913, Jim Reid went on to become the President of the United States of America Cricket Association. Succeeding USACA President John Marder, Jim Reid travelled to all cricket zones in the US to observe US prospects in action. 

He assessed cricket temperament remembering anomalies such Jay Wajid’s loopy batting back-lift. An opening batsman, Jim was a batting purist who drilled hooking and pulling shots out of his son John Reid’s (US 1979) batting repertoire, saying they were shots that a captain could get you out on. As captain, he liked to play to batsman’s strengths and lull them into a false sense of security making furtive fielding changes at strategic moments which his favorite spin bowlers such as Sri Nagesh could exploit. Jim’s favorite fast bowler was Hasib Khan who he said had the purist run-up of any fast bowler. 

Jim’s opinions were well grounded by regular tours to England where he was born in Blackburn. He was selected for Lancashire CCC but preferred playing Lancashire League cricket for East Lancashire CC which he found more remunerative and less deferential than county cricket. After his North American move in 1956 he settled in Glendale where he started with Britamer CC then joined the Pasadena CC. Both teams were members of the Griffith Park Cricket Association. 

Drilling his son on the hard surface of a badminton court, he joined University CC to play with John and Neil Lashkari. Both youngsters played for the first team aged 15 under the guidance of their father’s who opened the batting for University CC and the US. In a rare second-generation pairing, the apprenticed openers John and Neil played for US as well. 

After leading University CC to numerous C.Aubrey Smith and Williamson Trophy wins, in 1971 Jim toured Jamaica on the SCCA team with the captain he respected most, Basil Brown. As SCCA President, he encouraged tours, playing against the New Zealand national team led by Walter Hadlee (Sir Richard Hadlee’s father) at Griffith Park in 1959. Jim appreciated the global power of cricket and one of his treasured memories was seeing his son John play in Calgary, Canada, thirty years after he had represented the US. He remarked that the pavilion hosting the event remained unchanged. 

Jim Reid was inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame by his friend and team mate, Dr Tony Verity in recognition of his ability to maximize cricket talent in all facets of the game: play, selection and administration. A Cricketer’s cricketer, all who played with or against, will testify Captaincy was Jim’s métier. Respected, as a tough competitor who never gave up until the last shrewd bowling change had been made. You do not replace Titans, but he leaves behind a loving family of four children with his wife Doreen, John, Karen, Iain and Andrew Reid.

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