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SCCA T20 2018 Season Updates
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- by Scheduling Committee on Saturday, August 18, 2018










T20 schedule for the weekend of Aug 25/26 weekend has been updated. Remaining games will be loaded soon.


Update: Since the final standings of some divisions for Super/Star Leagues are still in play, the draft schedule is delayed till the games of Aug 11/12 are played out and scores updated.

The T20 games will start from Aug 25th. This excludes teams playing ODI playoffs.

ODI Playoffs for the top 4 teams in Div 2, 3 & 4 will start from Aug 18th. For Div 1, it would start from Aug 25th.



2018 T20 season is tentatively planned from Aug 19 thru Nov 11 at SCCA grounds.

The League ODI playoffs will be completed for eligible teams (top 4 teams in each division), before the start of their T20 games.

Captains of each team have been notified to provide their schedule preferences by 7/21/18.

First draft of the T20 schedule would be available by Aug 7th. Some teams and final schedule will have to wait a little longer to have their Star/Super League spots finalized. 


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