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Player transfers and protocols
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- by Website Committee on Monday, March 5, 2018
This is time that you are maintaining your roster and players are moving around.
Please do not create duplicate player profiles for existing players in the system. This is deemed illegal and creates problems down the road.
If you need a player transferred from another team, the Team executive should send a request to the SCCA Secretary and Webmaster, with the following info:
Request Date, Your Name, Club Name, Club Position
and a list of players that you want transferred with the following info.
Player Name, Current Team
It is suggested, but not mandatory that Teams/Players inform their current team of their pre-season transfers.
Once the players play 1 game, they are part of that team. After that, they only have 1 final transfer for the season, subject to the SCCA rules. We will also need release letter from existing team.
Thanks, Kenny
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